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Tegma Logistics Management



About the Client:

Tegma Gestão Logística S/A is one of Brazil's largest logistics management companies, with eighteen branches in Brazil covering a total area of 322.725,94 square meters, with a fleet of over a thousand and more than 2,500 direct and indirect employees. Tegma is a leader in the shipping of new cars for the automotive industry.
Tegma is an expert in providing customized innovative and sustainable logistics solutions to meet the most diverse market needs in four different areas: transport and logistics services for the automotive industry, road transport, warehousing and handling, and express shipments.


Tegma had the need to adapt its current Transportation Management System to support General Motors (GM) Venezuela. The project had the following objectives: increase revenues for the first year, computerize, remove manual control, and to integrate the system with other enterprise systems.
The following products and/or services were delivered:   
  • Analysis of processes to be changed 
  • Translation
  • Required Information Tables
  • Integrations with ERP systems
  • Tests
  • Deployment
Besides this project, Calix provides consulting and support services, using technologies such as 4GL Progress®, DATASUL EMS®, .NET® Microsoft, Microsoft Sharepoint® and Software Factory Projects (4GL Progress® and Microsoft .NET®) in several internal projects of the corporation:   
  • Integration of the Automotive Parking Management System and Logistics Systems
  • Integration of the Automotive Parking Management System DATASUL EMS System
  • Support for the Automotive Parking Management System and the Logistics Systems

Tools and Technologies Applied:

4GL Progress®: Fourth-generation Programming Language (4GL) developed by Progress Software Corporation, event-based, integrated with a relational database for high performance and security, all embedded in a single product.
Datasul EMS®: It is a solution for Enterprise Management System (EMS), maintained by DATASUL currently owned by TOTVS, with two versions, EMS and EMS 2® 5®, which includes several modules that are designed to automate and manage processes such as finance, human resources, logistics, and manufacturing, among others.
Microsoft .Net®: Also known as .Net Framework®, it is a Microsoft initiative, which seeks a single platform for developing and implementing systems and applications, in which the programmer doesn't need to write code for a specific system or device, and starts writing code for a platform.
Microsoft Sharepoint®: Platform for Web Applications Microsoft used to create intranets and enterprise portals, content management, document management, collaborative portals, and also to publish web applications.