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Good ideas move the world and can also move companies to the top of the list of most successful businesses. We know that in business world there are always great ideas to solve problems.


Do you want to put your ideas into practice and to transform them into software? You have the opportunity to get the experience of Cálix! We have the necessary experience and professionals best qualified to turn your idea into a software solution to support your business. Cálix is ready to support entrepreneurs to implement their business ideas.



At the start, we engage in a discovery process, focusing on understanding of your problem. At this stage we work to understand your idea:

  • Brainstorm to gather the features;
  • Organization of the features and major users of each;
  • Definition of the usage frequency and value (for business) of each feature;
  • Re-organization of features, making clear the scope of the product.


Knowing the features, we start a process of modeling. The modeling uses a graphical notation called UML plus models of screens that the software must possess to interact  with users. In modeling we work to give shape to your idea:

  • Build graphical models that explain the features and behavior of each software functionality;
  • Each model symbolizes a piece of software that will be developed and their inter-relationships;
  • Build models of business processes and their interaction with the software functionalities. For modeling of business processes is used a graphical notation called BPM.


Knowing the features and functionality that the software should provide, we can then perform the necessary planning for the development. At this stage, Cálix plans along with client the deliveries of each piece of the new software, including validation and approval. This plan allows you to closely monitor each step of the development process and even gives you a gradual knowledge of the software which is being developed.


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