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A portal is the easiest and fastest way to your company connect with customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

A new generation of consumers of products and services, with different consumption patterns of traditional market is growing every day, performing their increasingly activities through World Wide Web, so more than the identity of your company, your website is a powerful tool of relationship and electronic marketing as well as to attract new customers.

By making new business over the Internet, your operating area will instantly reach new heights.



Researches show that more than 40 million people in Brazil have used the internet for shopping and the numbers tend to rise higher and higher, so it is extremely important that your company be present, in an innovative way, in this new branch of action.

The Cálix has the solution for your company with the best value for money, turning it into an e-commerce, secure, visually attractive and with the most advanced technologies in the world market.


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