The Cálix

The Cálix

From the idea of working with cutting edge technology and unlimited capacity of creation, Cálix was founded in 2003. The union of people with the same interests and synergy of ideas, enabled the creation of a work environment pleasurable. Read more


Mission, Vision and Values

To make information technology accessible to all companies, regardless of size and sector, so that through the strategic use of information technology the customer can achieve cost savings, increase productivity, optimize process flows, sustain and expand competitive advantage and greater return on investment. Read more



Social Responsibility

For Cálix , Social Responsibility is an ethical and transparent relationship with all company stakeholders to which it relates , creating better prospects and social opportunities for the nation and the consequent strengthening of the country on the global stage in the short , medium and long term. Read more



Cálix has received the award in 2013 TOP OF BUSINESS.
On December 13, 2013 has received Top Business Award 2013 in the city of São Paulo. This award aims to bring the public the initiatives of companies and professionals, encouraging talent, productivity and especially the capacity to undertake.Read more


Our Team

Cálix has a core staff specialized in their respective areas, committed to continuous improvement of its processes and business.
We value individuality and potential of each one, it allows us to transform each project developed for customers in something unique.. 



Partnering with employees is the first major partnership that we care. Right and qualified people and who share our principles are the difference in the success of the ventures. To further expand its action, the Cálix performs several strategic partnerships. These alliances are fundamental to Cálix to continue offering quality services in the developed projects. Read more