The NET.JURI was designed to simplify the day-to-day lawyers. Developed with advanced technology, NET.JURI is an innovation in the legal software and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, be it computers, laptops or mobile devices. It is the most comprehensive legal management software, totally web modules, 100% safe and with low investment cost.
Ideal for law firms or Legal departments of large corporations.


  Main Modules
- Schedule
- Time - Sheet
- Managing and Monitoring Process ( GAP )
- Managing and Monitoring Contracts ( GAC )
- Billing
- expenses
- Receivables
- Bank
- Cash Flow
- Analysis of costs and performance
  Key Features and Functionality
- Basic and Advanced;
- Advanced Dynamic and Custom;
- Static Management Reports;
- Calculation of Costs and Fees for immediate verification;
- Delegation of activities ( procedural or otherwise) to other lawyers;
- Follow -up the progress of Procedure, Cases ( Time - Sheet ), Activities and Tasks on the Home screen of the system;
- Data Import Contacts / Customers of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express;
- Generating reports in PDF, HTML and EXCEL;
- Easy integration with legacy systems;
- Permission to access the system for Lawyers and Law Firms outsourced (if the deployment is in legal departments ).
  Key Benefits
- You do not need a dedicated server;
- Real-time access from anywhere in the world;
- Fully insured;
- Encrypted information;
- Control access to the database for user profile;
- Low investment by being endowed with free technology ( no need to pay licenses );
- Completely OS independent;
- Does not use technology dependent, forcing unnecessary investments;
- Great value for money.

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