Qbronze - E-Commerce

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About the Client:

Qbronze is a swimwear company that takes inspiration from the best of Brazilian and other beaches in the world, with an exclusive collection and limited production of its models, its own style with varied and tropical prints.


Qbronze is a Cálix group company that has been designed to operate entirely on the Internet. From this definition, Cálix has been responsible for the task of enabling the entire operation of the company through a technology infrastructure based on free and open source software.
Qbronze currently operates through its online store (http://www.qbronze.com) and pages on major social networks, fully integrated with a CRM system, which is used to track customer relationships and loyalty.
Customers can purchase from any location with an internet connection, and pay using credit cards, bank debit cards, and PagSeguro® (similar to PayPal). Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the status of their orders, from purchase to delivery.

Tools and Technologies Applied:

Net.CRM: CRM software based on SugarCRM Community Edition®, with specific customizations for Brazilian reality.
Joomla!®: Content Management System (CMS), open source (distributed under GNU/GPL license) and developed with PHP. It's used to develop online stores, blogs, online magazines, content portals, newspapers, catalogs / services and various other formats of content.
VirtueMart®: A Online Store System developed for Joomla ®, which allows e-commerce administrators to create a fully online store and to manage any shop item, such as: categories, products, customers, suppliers, prices, discounts, shipping, and coupons, among others.
Apache® Web Server: Currently the most successful free web server. It was created in 1995 by Rob McCool at the time was an employee of the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications). In a survey conducted in May 2010, Apache served approximately 54.68% of all websites and over 66% of the million busiest websites. It is the core technology of the Apache Software Foundation, responsible for over a dozen projects involving transmission through web technologies, data processing and execution of distributed applications.
PHP®: Free interpreted programming language, created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and maintained by an organization called The PHP Group. It is free software licensed under the PHP License, and widely used today for developing web applications. Facebook® is a great example of an application developed with this programming language.
MySQL®: Database Management System (DBMS) that uses SQL (Structured Query Language) as the interface.  MySQL is one of the most popular data bases today, with over 10 million installations worldwide. Among users of the MySQL database include: NASA, Friendster, Banco Bradesco, Dataprev, HP, Nokia, Sony, Lufthansa, US Army, US Federal Reserve Bank, Associated Press, Alcatel, Slashdot, Cisco Systems, Google, and others.
Web Services: Technological solution used widely for system integration and for communication between different applications, making it possible for new applications to interact with legacy systems developed on different platforms, since it can send and receive data between them.