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Valente Brothers is the official representation of Grandmaster Helio Gracie in Florida. Professors Pedro, Gui, and Joaquim Valente started training directly under the Grandmaster from the age of two and were his loyal disciples and protégés until he passed away in January of 2009. Valente Brothers is fully committed to preserving Helio Gracie’s vision, teaching method, and ideals, both on and off the mat.


Engaged Health Systems (EHS) has contracted Calix to develop and implement an intranet and a School Management System (SMS) for Valente Brothers' Schools on the basis of specific requirements made by EHS together with Valente Brothers' managers.
Calix has developed the School Management System based on SugarCRM Community Edition Platform. SugarCRM is a web-based Customer Relationship Management software.
Furthermore, Cálix has developed the SMS Desktop Application based on Java to be installed on desktop computers running the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or Linux; and the SMS Self-Service Portal based on the Joomla Content Management System to be used by the students on the Valente Brothers website to access their school's information. Both applications were integrated with the School Management System by using web services. 

Tools and Technologies Applied:

SugarCRM Professional®: CRM software, which contains the same base of SugarCRM Community Edition® code enhanced with specific functionalities and services. The system has modules for managing organizations and divisions, contacts, prospects, opportunities, events, marketing campaigns, projects, documents, schedules and historical reports, offline clients, and customer portals, among others.
Apache® Web Server: Currently the most successful free web server. It was created in 1995 by Rob McCool at the time was an employee of the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications). In a survey conducted in May 2010, Apache served approximately 54.68% of all websites and over 66% of the million busiest websites. It is the core technology of the Apache Software Foundation, responsible for over a dozen projects involving transmission through web technologies, data processing and execution of distributed applications.
PHP®: Free interpreted programming language, created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and maintained by an organization called The PHP Group. It is free software licensed under the PHP License, and widely used today for developing web applications. Facebook® is a great example of an application developed with this programming language.
MySQL®: Database Management System (DBMS) that uses SQL (Structured Query Language) as the interface.  MySQL is one of the most popular data bases today, with over 10 million installations worldwide. Among users of the MySQL database include: NASA, Friendster, Banco Bradesco, Dataprev, HP, Nokia, Sony, Lufthansa, US Army, US Federal Reserve Bank, Associated Press, Alcatel, Slashdot, Cisco Systems, Google, and others.
Joomla!®: Content Management System (CMS), open source (distributed under GNU/GPL license) and developed with PHP. It's used to develop online stores, blogs, online magazines, content portals, newspapers, catalogs / services and various other formats of content.
Java®: Object-oriented Programming Language developed in the 90s by a team of programmers led by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems®, and currently maintained by Oracle. Java is the conventional language of the Java platform, but not their only language, as the platform is composed of several languages, frameworks and extensions to a range of devices and platforms.
Web Services: Technological solution used widely for system integration and for communication between different applications, making it possible for new applications to interact with legacy systems developed on different platforms, since it can send and receive data between them.